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Our Ministry is supported solely on donations from people like you who love Jesus Christ and have a desire to share His message of Salvation, Hope, and Love to the Men and Women in our Christian based Recovery Houses. Please click this link donate to make a donation.

 About Us 

The Shepherd's Call was laid on the hearts of people living in the Upper Perk area in 2007. A steering committee was formed in the summer of 2008 and has been meeting regularly for more than two years to develop the program.

The Shepherd's Call is a non-profit ministry working in partnership with the Upper Perk Prayer Evangelism Network (UPPEN) and the ministerium.

Churches in the UPPEN network have been meeting regularly to pray for the Valley for the last 8 years. These churches believe that God works when we pray. These churches believe that God will bring community transformation (positive change) when churches come together in biblical unity to pray for their community. The UPPEN churches have seen God answer many prayers since they began to meet together 8 years ago. These churches believe that the Shepherd's Call is one more answer to prayer and blessing from God for our community. The name "Shepherd's Call" came from the Luke 14:15-23 passage. In Luke 14, Jesus is inviting people that everyone else has given up on, to come and be with Him. The shepherd is calling for the poor, crippled, blind and lame to come. There are so many in our communities that are presently crippled by drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Jesus loves them and wants us to reach out to them with God's love and hope.


To learn more about UPPEN go to www.prayupperperk.org

Bringing Hope And Healing To People And Families Who Have No Hope.
501 Graber Alley
Red Hill, PA 18073
Phone: 215.541.4888
Email: shepherdscall@shepherds-call.org

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