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Our Ministry is supported solely on donations from people like you who love Jesus Christ and have a desire to share His message of Salvation, Hope, and Love to the Men and Women in our Christian based Recovery Houses. Please click this link donate to make a donation.

Welcome to the Shepherd's Call!

The goal of this Christ-centered ministry is to bring hope and healing to people and families who have lost hope.

The Shepherd's Call is a 12 month program to help people recover from substance abuse. The Shepherd's Call offers a 12 month resident program and a 12 month non-resident program. The program is available to both men and women.


The Shepherd's Call program is designed to minister to the individual and family through weekly meetings, classes, Bible studies, counseling/education sessions and a referral and support network. While the residential program is the most effective approach, the non-residential program creates flexibility and will be appropriate for some people.


The Shepherd's Call is sensitive to the tremendous issues of family members and has programs and resources to help them along in their recovery as well. It is our belief that the family needs just as much support as the person in recovery. The goal is to help the whole family recover from the devastation of addictions.


A pre-screening application can be filled out on this website for those who are seriously interested in the program.



Bringing Hope And Healing To People And Families Who Have No Hope.
501 Graber Alley
Red Hill, PA 18073
Phone: 215.541.4888
Email: shepherdscall@shepherds-call.org

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